Our Mission & Competitive Advantage

Converge Condo Management¬†specializes in condominium management for the greater Edmonton Area and aims to be the preferred condo manager of choice! If you’re interested in hearing more, please click here.

Through investment in our people, technology and process, we will deliver unparalleled customer service and advice to our clients; allowing board members the peace of mind to enjoy both condo living and investment.

Converge leverages a proprietary ERP system which allows our condo managers to efficiently track, and communicate with our boards with regards to:

  • Documents
  • Complaints
  • Requests
  • Financials

Our processes have been developed and refined by individuals with professional training process management. This ultimately ensures that our managers are able to deliver a consistently exceptional service level to all our clients.

Our people are the third pillar that will allow Converge Condo Management to be the preferred condo manager of choice. With over five years of industry experience, professionally designated accounting personnel and experienced professionals in the areas of budgeting and condo management, our people are able to deliver on what we promise.

If you are interested in hearing more about our services, please leave us a message on our contact page!

The Industry Today

Condominium management is a service business and we believe the industry could benefit from the implementation of new technologies, standard operating procedures and high levels of accountability.

In conducting our market research, we identified that many condo management companies rely solely on the customer service levels their employees deliver. The tools and processes supporting these individuals are minimal and therefore each condo manager’s overall service levels can vary significantly.

Ultimately, this has resulted in an industry with a wide variance in service levels and unfortunately, this can result in an unpleasant condo living experience.