Task Tracking

Our custom application tracks every request from a manager, owner and vendor related to your condo. This tracking creates a transparent environment within Converge, which means we not only hold your property manager accountable for timely resolution of request, but we can deploy additional resources when we see a spike in activity within their portfolio.

Contract Renewal
Property managers have enough on their minds with the day to day operations of their condominiums. By tracking all contracts within our database, we can set automated reminders when it is time to renegotiate contracts for each condominium, which allows the property manager to focus their attention on servicing the board and the owners of their condos.
Electronic Storage of Documents
We store all your condo documents within our database. This allows us to efficiently locate and send electronic copies to the ownership group. Through this efficiency, we are able to provide electronic copies of most documents free of charge.


Even before our contract starts with your condo, you will start to experience the benefits of documented and streamline process. From transferring bank accounts to notifying vendors and owners, converge has documented how your team will proceed to ensure the transition goes as smooth as possible.
Your investment is important to us and that is why we think it is important that a Chartered Accountant critique, review and if necessary, provide advice on your condo’s annual budget. It is one of our primary goals to enhance the financial health of your condo and we have the procedures to achieve this goal.
Owner/Board Request
Whether it is a maintenance request, or a request for condo documents, we have a procedure and policy for it. First step, and most importantly, is that the request is logged in our application, which immediately appears on the dashboard of every team member associated with your condo.
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